Best 2D CAD Software in 2021

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Across the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, media, and entertainment industries, Autodesk gives you the power to make anything.

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Buyer's Guide

You're in search of the best 2D CAD software but not sure where to start looking? 

In our detailed buyer's guide we're going to explore the topic thoroughly and help you find the right 2D CAD software for your needs regardless of your purpose or the device in use. Our list includes both free and paid software.

You could be a designer, architect, mechanical engineer or even an animator, 2D and 3D CAD software will be a huge part of your professional life. There're so many CAD software options out in the wild, it's very difficult to figure out the one that'll help you get the job done fast and right. 

CAD programs we have listed in our roundup is separated into 3 different sections;

  1. For complete beginners
  2. For advanced users
  3. For professionals

Some options we have in our list might cost an arm and a leg. However, if you're a non-profit organization, student, or a teacher you could take advantage of “giving back to the community” programs established companies such as Adobe and AutoDesk offer which actually let you use the software for a ridiculously small fee or most of the time entirely for free.

If you don't fit any of these categories however, in other words, if you're a for-profit organization and working on a commercial project you'll need to pay monthly/yearly subscription or the one-time license fee unless you choose to operate with one of our open source or free 2D CAD software options.



Cem Akbulut
Co-founder, 9to5Media.

Cem Akbulut is Co-founder & CEO of 9to5Media, a software research lab that provides advice, information, and tools to help businesses thrive.

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