Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers in 2021

We ranked Freshbooks as the best Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers in 2021 in our roundup. Click here to get 50% off for 3 Months Get 30-Days free trial


Freshbooks is a small business accounting and bookkeeping software that makes running your business a breeze.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $4.5 / month


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Sage is an entry level accounting and bookkeeping software that is ideal for SMBs and businesses want to manage their cash flow.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $10 /month


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Quickbooks by Intuit

The complete accounting toolset whether you're a freelancer or a Forbes 100 company.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $4.5 /month


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NetSuite by Oracle

One of the best cloud-based financial management solutions for medium to large organizations. It integrates with all other NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM and eCommerce functions to streamline critical business processes.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $999


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Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for medium to big enterprises

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $9 / month


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Buyer's Guide

Whether you are just starting out your online business as an Amazon seller or already have an established FBA business, you came to the right guide in need of accounting software. These Best Amazon FBA accounting software we listed in our article help you scale by minimizing accounting costs and managing your cash flow.

1. QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks, without a doubt, is one of the current market leaders in accounting software.  They've been at the top for a long time now and it's for a good reason.

You can use Quickbooks to effortlessly track expenses and your business revenue together with business-related mileage.

It also offers many next-level financial reporting features for Amazon FBA businesses.


Why Quickbooks?

Because it's the most widely used accounting software in the industry. Almost all accountants and CPAs are already familiar with the way it operates. Even if you hire a CPA to do your accounting work they'll be familiar with the software and comfortable using it.

Another great thing about QuickBooks is that it is very easy to learn and navigate around.

When you're new to bookkeeping and accounting, almost all accounting software will seem confusing. But Quickbooks is not one of them. You get to hang of it in a matter of minutes.

Why NOT Quickbooks?

After weeks of playing around with Quickbooks, I discovered a few negatives too. First of all, it's not very feature-rich. It doesn't offer much inventory management capabilities, which might be a must-have when you're an Amazon FBA seller. Its inventory management capability is very basic at best.

If you're in need of something that must keep track of your inventory while doing your bookkeeping at the same time, you may want to consider your other options.


  • Basic inventory management
  • Track your documents
  • Cost of products sold
  • Financial reports
  • Value-added tax
  • Easy to learn
  • Online storage
  • One-click integration with over 500 third-party add-ons


  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Simple inventory management

If you like Quickbooks and want to give it a try, click here to get X days risk-free trial.


If QuickBooks is not your choice, Xero is offers similar services and features. Similar to QuickBooks Online, this is a popular software solution for accounting and accounting. Whether you're an Amazon FBA business or a construction company, it'll take care of all your needs.

Xero is a little younger than QuickBooks, but it has grown quickly over the years and competes well with QuickBooks as well as with FreshBooks.


One thing that makes Xero stand out is its simple and easy to understand UI. Xero focuses on ease of use and simplicity, making it much easier to learn than QuickBooks.

When you need a better and more comprehensive inventory management features, Xero should be your go-to accounting software.

Similar to QuickBooks, Freshbooks, and other big names in the industry, Xero too has many third party add-on and application integrations which allows you to extend the capabilities of your software beyond its limits.


  • Next level inventory management
  • Track receipts
  • Cost of products sold
  • The financial reports
  • Value added tax
  • Your data is stored on the cloud and is accessible on any device.
  • Easy to learn and master
  • Over 600 add-ons and third-party integrations


  • Monthly subscription


When you're just starting out your Amazon FBA business, you might not have the extra funds to sign up with a paid accounting software that charge you every month. If that's the case, consider good old Excel.

Excel is a great tool for accounting - it is very customizable and versatile. With Excel you can manipulate data in different ways. Excel can be used for simple accounting or for more advanced tasks such as extrapolations.

However, the main problem with using sheets like Excel or Google Sheets is that, you have to enter all of your data manually, which can get messy and out of hands very quickly.

One other problem is that Excel isn't as easy to learn as Quickbooks or Xero and has a steeper learning curve if you're in need of more advanced reporting and tracking.

Why Excel for accounting?

  • Incredible versatility
  • Your Windows comes with it pre-installed.
  • Customizable
  • A lot of free billing templates available online


  • Can be challenging to set up
  • Hard to learn and master


Cem Akbulut
Co-founder, 9to5Media.

Cem Akbulut is Co-founder & CEO of 9to5Media, a software research lab that provides advice, information, and tools to help businesses thrive.

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