Best Accounting Software for Freelancers in 2021

We ranked Freshbooks as the best Best Accounting Software for Freelancers in 2021 in our roundup. Click here to get 50% off for 3 Months Get 30-Days free trial


Freshbooks is a small business accounting and bookkeeping software that makes running your business a breeze.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $4.5 / month


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Sage is an entry level accounting and bookkeeping software that is ideal for SMBs and businesses want to manage their cash flow.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $10 /month


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Quickbooks by Intuit

The complete accounting toolset whether you're a freelancer or a Forbes 100 company.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $4.5 /month


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NetSuite by Oracle

One of the best cloud-based financial management solutions for medium to large organizations. It integrates with all other NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM and eCommerce functions to streamline critical business processes.

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $999


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Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for medium to big enterprises

Deployed on: Cloud

Starting From: $9 / month


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Buyer's Guide

Accounting is hard and tiring work for many freelancers and founders, well except, when you're a freelance accountant or a tax advisor. But there are a few cloud software that promises to keep the effort of managing your documents and invoicing your customers easily.

Anyone starting their own business, whether as a freelancer or a start-up, has to deal with multiple administrative tasks. For many creative people and IT workers, bookkeeping and accounting are one of the most unpopular tasks that you cannot really avoid.

If you're actually considering outsourcing the entire job to an accountant, it'll quickly become an expensive and under-utilized overhead. However, if you avoid tax consultants and decide to do it yourself as a side job, you risk unpleasant visits from your government tax office. 3rd option is getting help from professional cloud accounting software, designed with all your needs and government regulations in mind. Many founders and freelancers, therefore, rely on these services provided. 

In recent years, a number of services have become established that support freelancers and young companies in this respect - partly as pure accounting services, partly as part of an account that reveals, for example, how much money one would have to set aside for tax. We present the most important and best known ones here.


What is the best FREE accounting software for freelancers?

From the simple booking with all your current expenses and income to the most complex annual financial statements with profit and loss statements and balance sheets: there are many various online or offline software available for financial accounting and bookkeeping that can make your life much easier as a freelancer of any kind. You could use these services even as a small business owner or a private individual to simply organize your everyday spendings and accounting.

Keeping a cash book, keeping track of all income and expenses month in and month out, and preparing the tax return and annual income statements once a year - that IS indeed a lot of work, especially if you want or have to do it yourself for the first time as a small business owner or self-employed freelancer. The various accounting programs we analyzed, reviewed, and listed here at 9to5Software make all these tasks much simpler for you. 


Watch out for the extra costs

Many solutions we listed in our roundup offer their most basic and needed features for free, or a very small monthly fee, starting from $4.99. However, you'll need to pay extra for every seat and user. Or need specific professional solutions developed for your unique needs.

For more complex calculations, for example detailed financial accounting or the preparation of balance sheets, additional modules are often necessary for which a fee is charged or you decide to use another free program, especially for this area of accounting. However, just because several accounting programs are all free of charge can quickly lead to chaos. If necessary, you should consider buying a full version of the program and deducting it (at least partially) as a business expense.


Cem Akbulut
Co-founder, 9to5Media.

Cem Akbulut is Co-founder & CEO of 9to5Media, a software research lab that provides advice, information, and tools to help businesses thrive.

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