Best CAD Software for Mechanical Engineering in 2021

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2D and 3D models are important building blocks in different areas such as mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Using the right CAD software, you get a multifunctional tool with which you can efficiently design and create digital 2D and 3D models to send to your CNC machines or print using 3D printers.

There are different CAD software for every single different requirement and task. The selection of the right CAD program is important in order to get the required job done without spending a ton of money in subscription fees. The following article gives you an overview of different CAD programs and their implementation requirements and should help you to find the right CAD software for mechanical engineering.



With the help of mechanical CAD software, you can create 2D and 3D parts, assemblies, and drawings but also perform calculations such as stress simulations. Technical drawings from virtual models of three-dimensional products can be created automatically by mechanical CAD software. A special advantage of 3D software is the possibility to create an image of the products from any direction. Moreover, production information can be stored directly in the 3D model and automatically transferred to the production drawing or directly to the CNC machine or the 3D printer. There is also a wide range of additional professional tools for different areas and professions.


Mechanical CAD software is used in almost all areas of engineering. But especially civil engineers, mechanical engineers, aircraft manufacturers, toolmakers or product designers, shipbuilders or engineers who deal with demanding designs and construction projects benefit from a digital and convenient mechanical CAD software that is suitable for them. However, there are also many variants of mechanical CAD software that cover other construction-related areas with additional tools.


What is the best cad software for engineers

If you're on the market shopping for a mechanical engineering CAD software for the first time there are many factors you should consider before committing to a yearly subscription.  For example, some CAD software are more suitable to 2D surface design, while others offer an extensive range of functions for 3D modeling, but are less well equipped for 2D drawings.




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