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CAD software are now standard in many construction companies and has become as much a part of everyday life as saws and hammers. Our expert analysis and product roundup shows how the individual programs differ. 

Furniture, kitchen, office, trade fair or store fitting projects are increasingly being drawn digitally. Computer-aided drawing and design has therefore become a part of our professional work life..

CAD programs are now an integral part of woodworking companies. They serve as a digital drawing board, construction, modeling, visualization and presentation tool. They are used to plan and present projects, generate parts lists, and prepare components for CNC production. But the choice of programs is just as large as the number of optional modules. This makes it all the more important to carefully select and assemble your personal digital toolbox when buying or switching.

What to look for in a CAD software for woodworking?

First of all, the company behind the software, because it plays an important role in terms of continuity of support and investment security: How long has it been on the market? How many employees does it have? How many other companies worldwide use its CAD software? Important software selection criteria are - in addition to the operating system, the basic program and the 2D or 3D data model - the application focus and the typical company size for which the software is designed. 

In order to better analyze feature differences, also dig deep into the differences between the software's free/basic versions and the full version with additional functions, features and modules. What is included in the price for the basic version may not be included at another.

The quality of the CNC interface determines how much work is involved in computer-aided manufacturing: Are CNC programs generated automatically directly from the CAD software or does it require extra steps to import your work to CNC? Is an external postprocessor required, how many axes can be controlled and can freely designed parts also be transferred?

Last but not least, the user interface and the customer support also play an important role. CAD software usually have a long learning curve and require some level of training.



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