Best Video Editors for MAC in 2021

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Best video editing software with a lot of cool features, effects and presets.

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If you're a YouTuber, digital media creator or even a just a random person you probably have dozens of hours of video sitting in your computer waiting to be edited. Whether it is your YouTube videos, vacation, birthday parties or just a memory, rather than keeping them in some random folder at the risk of forever forgetting about them, why not edit the video and make them “watchable” for everyone? 

By organizing your videos with music, special effects, and titles you take a random clip that looks like a 12 year old recorded and turn it into a masterpiece, a beautiful memory. editors have reviewed and selected the best video editing software for MAC, so you can take advantage of these powerful software even as a beginner without needing powerful computers or advanced knowledge.


If you're interested in a video editor that is specifically made for MAC and wouldn't want to pay for something that Apple already offers for free, give the iMovie video editor a try. Like everything Apple does, this free piece of software too is extremely simple, has an intuitive interface and works in harmony with your iOS & MAC hardware.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, iMovie offers the easiest to use video editor. The program allows you to drag & drop video clips stored within your Mac, but also to capture them on the fly with its screen recording feature. It also has a lot of built-in editing tools to help you improve the look of your clips. Whether it is basic cut and trim, or advanced titles and lower thirds, iMovie has got you covered. It also lets you apply beautiful transition effects between clips to ensure a smooth transition


Adobe Premiere Pro

If basics features won't cut it for you and you're after something truly professional (also you don't mind paying a monthly subscription fee too!), then check the Premiere Pro for MAC from good-old Adobe.

Professional video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CC meets virtually every requirement for contemporary nonlinear video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro is available on a subscription basis only, which means you have to pay monthly, but pricing differs based on whether you want other software from Adobe Suite or not. It is primarily intended for professional and semi-professional users. The Creative Cloud bundle allows you to use a variety of other programs for image, sound, and video editing. What we really love about Adobe Premiere Pro is you can edit the clips you have there in After Effects if you're in need of some special effects, or with one click fire up the Photoshop to edit your photo. All Adobe software we have tested so far work in perfect harmony with each other.  

As a professional, you're often not the only one working on a project. That's where Adobe Creative Cloud really shines. It lets team members exchange data quickly, and work on a project together. Premiere Pro also comes bundled with Adobe's Media Encoder which helps you quickly and easily select the video format of your choice, whether it's MP4, AVI, MOV or dozens others.. Adobe is also known for its user-friendly and intuitive layout. People who have already worked with other programs in the Creative Cloud will quickly become familiar with this video editing software.



Created by Adobe, After Effects CC was originally a video editing software, but it later became the leading animation and compositing application among video professionals. Create movie titles, introductions, and transitions. Make rain or, animate a logo or character, possibilities with After Effects are virtually limitless.




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