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What is Filmora video editor?

Filmora is a time-line based video editing software created and distributed by Wondershare.

Is Filmora go free?

No, Filmora by Wondershare is a paid piece of software that you can run on your iOS and Windows devices. Pricing starts from $61.99 a year, and may go up depending on the extra addons you wish to have in your arsenal.

Is Filmora worth buying?

Filmora is a balance of power, ease of use and selection of features that rival anything Adobe has to offer. It might have few issues here and there, but it regularly gets feature and bug fix updates. Our beginner users and others who just want a simple solution for their needs definitely recommend Filmora.

Is Filmora Pro free for PC?

Filmora isn't free for PC or MAC devices. However, FilmoraGO, another video editing app by Wondershare for smartphones is free to download and use. But you need to pay a licence fee in order to use it on your desktop device.

How to remove watermark from Wondershare Filmora?

The reason there's a Filmora watermark on your videos is because it is a paid software and the free version you may be using is for trial only. In order to get rid of the watermark, we strongly recommend you purchase a license key and upgrade your account. If you're planning to upgrade to the full version but for some reason you need the watermark gone, you may try cropping that part of the video for the time being.

How long is filmora free trial

You have 30 days before your Filmora trial expires. However, there are some limitations that come with the trial version. During that period of time, you may try out all of Filmora's features and add-ons. Create and render videos. However, videos you have rendered will have a Filmora watermark on it.

Do professionals use Filmora?

It could be one of the easiest to use video editors out there, but by no means it's an amateur's program that'll produce mediocre results. From advertising, YouTube to video editing for social media, it's preferred by many professionals within all kinds of verticals.

Is Filmora good for beginners?

If you've used any timeline based video editing software in the past, for example something basic like Windows Video Maker, you'll have no problem with using Filmora either. Its user interface is very intuitive. Thanks to plethora of tutorials and troubleshoots available online, you'll find all the problems you may experience have already been answered.

Filmora Pricing

Filmora's latest version costs $61.99, and you're charged annually. Once you decide to upgrade, your exports will be free from watermarks. You'll receive one year of upgrades without any extra charges. Unlimited assets downloads and previews. It also includes one month of AI background removal add-on that automatically detects background in any given picture and replaces it with anything you like.

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User Reviews

Jules B.

Online Trainer

Ease of use

5 / 5


5 / 5

Value for money

5 / 5

Being an online trainer, videos I publish is my main way of presenting myself and my services online. It has made a big difference since I started using Filmora as it has helped me work much faster to publish short and engaging videos on my social media pages and online training courses. Filmora has basic and easy-to-use features that are very suitable for beginners in the field of editing. It allows you to create videos and slideshows mixed with music in a professional way. It has a lot of tools: transitions, filters, effects, very modern looking texts&titles, and also allows you to edit videos with a green screen. Its output formats are numerous, from MP4 to AVI. I think this software is a bargain compared to other companies' monthly subscription fees. A small feedback for the developers: Please add some more sound effects to the library!

Hanseny S.


Ease of use

5 / 5


5 / 5

Value for money

4 / 5

Wondershare Filmora will appeal to any editing enthusiast just starting out their video editing career. After trying out several of its features I can say that I am very happy to have found a program that is easy to use and offers interesting possibilities for converting and exporting video files. All you need to know is the different resolutions, codecs and types of video and audio files and you'll have an excellent tool for producing quality edits, but for true professionals you'll surely have to turn to other tools.

Philip Christa

Audio and video equipment operator

Ease of use

3 / 5


5 / 5

Value for money

5 / 5

Unfortunately it doesn't work on my 2014 Macbook anymore. A real disappointment. It's a shame because it's an easy and accessible tool.

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