Attention all singers and recording artists! Are you tired of sifting through endless options of mediocre audio editing software? Look no further! Our team of experts has put together a comprehensive list of the Best Audio Editing Software for Singers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, these software options will take your recordings to the next level.

From seamless editing tools to advanced effects, these programs offer everything you need to create a high-quality sound. Plus, with the ability to edit and enhance your vocals, these software options are sure to impress even the toughest critics. Stay ahead of the game and elevate your recordings with our top picks!

Adobe Audition


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If you're a singer, then you know the importance of having the right audio editing software. That's where Voloco comes in. This innovative product is designed specifically for singers who want to take their performances to the next level. In this review, we'll take a closer look at Voloco's features and see how it stacks up against other audio editing software.

First things first, Voloco is a recording studio and audio editor that offers a 4-vocal layer and a Lyrics Pad. This means that you can record multiple layers of your voice and easily add harmonies or other effects to your recordings. Plus, the Lyrics Pad makes it easy to keep track of your lyrics while you're recording.

One of the best things about Voloco is its impressive range of effects. With over 50 effects like autotune and reverb, you can transform and change your voice in countless ways. Whether you want to add a little extra polish to your vocals or completely change the sound of your voice, Voloco has you covered.

Another great feature of Voloco is its ability to export audio files in WAV and AAC format to your device. This means that you can easily share your recordings with others or use them in other music projects.

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If you want to separate vocals from an existing song, you can use Voloco's Vocal Remover tool. This feature is incredibly useful for singers who want to practice karaoke-style or create their own versions of popular songs.

But Voloco isn't just for recording in the studio - it's also a mobile application available for iOS and Android platforms. With real-time voice processing and a variety of effect options like autotune, harmony, and vocoding, users can create amazing recordings on the go. And when you're finished, the app makes it easy to share your processed recordings on social media platforms directly from the app.

Overall, Voloco is an impressive piece of audio editing software that offers a ton of features for singers. Whether you're a professional musician or just starting out, Voloco can help take your recordings to the next level. So if you're looking for a high-quality audio editor, give Voloco a try - you won't be disappointed!

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a powerful audio editing software option that could be the perfect fit for singers looking to enhance their music. With its advanced tools and intuitive interface, Adobe Audition is a go-to option for professional audio editors in the industry.

One of the most notable features of Adobe Audition is its ability to improve the quality of audio clips with ease. Users can remove unwanted background noise, silence, hums, and instrumentals quickly, improving the overall sound of the music. Moreover, the vocal enhancer tool allows singers to target male or female voices, and the automatic pitch correction tool comes in handy for musicians.

Another fantastic feature of Adobe Audition is its support for podcasts. The software has a dedicated portion for podcasts, allowing users to record and edit audio files with ease.

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In terms of pricing, Adobe Audition is affordable with plans starting at $20.99 per month. For this price, users get access to advanced audio editing tools and the software's support team, ensuring that their work is of the highest quality.

Overall, Adobe Audition does a great job of balancing user-friendliness with functionality. It's definitely a robust music editing platform but is not difficult to use, making it an excellent option for those whose experience level ranges from intermediate to expert. Moreover, Adobe Audition supports both Windows and macOS operating systems, further extending its versatility.

Voice Changer Voice Recorder

This software allows users to manipulate and change their recorded voices in various ways. With voice effects such as robot, helium, and monster, singers can add an extra layer of creativity to their music. The best part? Users can even share their recordings directly on social media platforms from within the app.

But what really sets the Voice Changer Voice Recorder apart is its ease of use and high-quality results. The software is user-friendly, making it accessible for singers of all levels of technical expertise. The voice effects are not only fun to play around with, but they also produce professional-grade results, giving singers the ability to create a unique sound that sets them apart from others in the industry.

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Additionally, the software is available as a mobile application for the Android platform, making it even more convenient for singers who are often on the go. Whether you're in the studio or performing live, the ability to record, edit, and share your music quickly and easily can make a significant impact on your career.

In terms of value, the Voice Changer Voice Recorder is also a great option for singers on a budget. At a reasonable price point, the software provides a range of features and high-quality results that are comparable to more expensive options on the market.

Overall, if you're a singer looking for a user-friendly and affordable audio editing software that will take your recordings to the next level, the Voice Changer Voice Recorder is definitely worth considering. Its versatile voice effects and convenient mobile application make it a great option for professional and amateur singers alike.

WavePad Audio Editor

In the world where music recording and production is becoming more accessible to everyone, having the right audio editing software can be a game-changer for singers. One of the popular options for audio editing software is WavePad Audio Editor from NCH Software. In this product review, we will explore WavePad's features, ease of use, and compatibility with different platforms.

WavePad supports various audio file formats, including WAV and AIFF, making it easier to import and export audio files to and from other software or devices. This software features a voice-activated recording option, which automatically starts recording when it detects sound and pauses when there's none. This feature comes in handy for singers who record themselves during practicing or creating their demos.

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Aside from its voice-activated recording option, WavePad also offers quick editing features, such as copy/paste, trim, and cut, allowing users to make quick adjustments on the fly. Additionally, it has an auto-trim editing functionality, which automatically detects silence or noise between audio segments and removes them, resulting in a smoother listening experience.

One of the key features that make WavePad stand out is its ability to work with audio waveforms. This feature allows users to visualize the audio tracks and edit them precisely, making it an excellent option for singers who want to fine-tune their recordings. The software also offers various audio effects, such as amplification, normalization, and noise reduction, to improve the sound quality of the audio files.

For singers who are always on-the-go, WavePad also offers a free voice editor app that allows recording and editing audio files on mobile devices. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

In conclusion, WavePad Audio Editor is an excellent option for singers looking for easy-to-use, yet powerful audio editing software. Its compatibility with different audio file formats, voice-activated recording, and waveform editing features make it an appealing choice for those who want to fine-tune their recordings. Moreover, the availability of a free voice editor app adds to its convenience, making it a versatile tool for musicians on-the-go.


Developed by GoldWave Inc, this software is available for Windows operating systems and offers a wide range of features for editing and manipulating audio files. From basic editing tasks like cut, copy, and paste, to advanced features like noise reduction and audio effects, GoldWave has everything you need to enhance your vocal recordings.

One of the standout features of GoldWave is its simplicity. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it an ideal choice for beginners and professionals alike. The software also supports batch processing, which means you can apply the same effect or filter to multiple files at once, saving you a lot of time in the long run.

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If you're looking for an audio editor that offers a range of effects, GoldWave has got you covered. You can use audio effects like reverb, chorus, equalizer, and many others to make your vocals sound more polished and professional. The noise reduction feature is also a great tool for singers who record in noisy environments, allowing you to remove unwanted background noise and focus on your vocals.

GoldWave also offers a range of analytical tools to help you fine-tune your recordings. You can use the Spectral Analysis feature to examine the frequency content of your recordings, or the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) filter to isolate specific frequencies. The VU meters and level controls are also useful for monitoring and adjusting input levels, ensuring that your recordings are at the optimal level.

Overall, GoldWave is an impressive audio editing software that is well-suited for singers who want to take their recordings to the next level. Its user-friendly interface and rich selection of features make it an attractive option for both beginners and professionals alike. So, if you're looking for an audio editing software that is affordable, easy to use, and packed with features, GoldWave is definitely worth considering.

Questions you might be asking

What is audio editing software for singers?

Audio editing software for singers is a type of software used to edit or manipulate sound recordings and music. It allows singers to improve and enhance the quality of their recordings by adjusting levels, adding effects, and removing unwanted noise.

What are some features to look for in audio editing software?

Some features to look for in audio editing software include the ability to adjust levels, add and remove effects, and remove unwanted noise. Additionally, software with a user-friendly interface and a variety of editing tools may be helpful for singers without professional audio editing experience.

What is the best software for editing vocals?

When it comes to editing vocals, there are a lot of different software options available. Some of the most popular programs include Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Adobe Audition. Ultimately, the best software for editing vocals will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

How can I edit my voice singing?

To edit your singing voice, you will need to use an audio editing software program. Some popular options include Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live. Once you have access to an audio editing software program, you can use features like pitch correction, vocal processing, and EQ adjustments to make your vocals sound better.

What is the best software for singing?

When it comes to software specifically designed for singing, one of the most popular options is Studio One by PreSonus. This program offers a wide range of features that are specifically designed for singers, including pitch correction, harmonization tools, and vocal processing effects. Other popular options include Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live, which are all known for their excellent audio editing capabilities.