Ooma Office is a cloud-based business VoIP solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage calls using a web browser or a mobile app. The platform allows businesses to use their existing business and toll-free phone numbers, or choose a new number from available area codes, to receive calls from new or existing customers.

Key features of Ooma Office include a virtual receptionist, conferencing, extension dialing, music on hold and call transfers. The centralized platform allows users to keep track of voicemails, manage calls and transfer calls to other users or work extensions. The call blocking module allows teams to set up account-level blacklists and block individual phone numbers, preventing them from calling company numbers.

Ooma Office allows administrators to automate inbound call routing by creating multi-tiered virtual receptionists, making operations more efficient. The Call Group Identification module also allows users to set up groups to call multiple agents simultaneously. Skill-based routing ensures that callers are routed to the right agents to assist them.

Can I use Ooma in Canada?

Yes! Ooma is available in Canada since 2012.

Does Ooma work if power goes out?

Unfortunately, no. If the power goes out you'll no longer be able to use your Ooma VOIP phone as long as you're using it with a basic landline backup. However, if it is connected to a Universal Power Supply, also known as UPS, battery will take over during a power shortage and your VOIP system will continue operating as normal.

Does Ooma work with cell phones?

Yes it does! Official Ooma mobile phone application, available on iOS and Android, brings all of Ooma functionalities to your cell phone. Either by using wi-fi or your cellular network you can do international calls, receive phone calls, make unlimited domestic calls, listen to your voicemails, view your call history and much more.

Does Ooma work with WIFI?

Yes it does! Either by using an ethernet cable or Ooma's wireless adapter, you can connect your Ooma Telo Base Station to your wireless network and start making unlimited domestic or international calls without having to pay for cellular data.

Is Ooma considered a landline?

Short answer is no. Ooma is VOiP system. A replacement for landline based solutions. As a standalone system, Ooma doesn't require a computer to operate.

Can OOMA call 911?

Absolutely! You can call 911 or any other emergency phone number like you do from your mobile phone or a landline phone.

Is OOMA worth the money?

For enterprises and residentials alike. Ooma is considered as one of the best VOiP systems out there, so whether you want a VOİP solution for your SMB, growing enterprise or home, you probably won't regret it. Also don't forget to check out other solutions we have reviewed in the same space.

Does OOMA give you a phone number?

Yes, Ooma does provide you with a free phone number with your area code when you signup. Alternatively, you can choose to get a free toll number. However, if you're going to need more than that, you could purchase additional phone numbers for 4.99 US dollar per month. Max number of phone numbers you can get is 7.

Who owns Ooma?

Ooma is founded by Jamie Yukes in 2003. Currently it is a publicly trading company based in California. You can read its full history here

Does Ooma slow down the Internet?

During HD quality voice and video calls, there's a small impact on your overall internet speed. It's because Ooma reserves a bit too much bandwidth for its voice traffic to keep it as high quality as possible. Although technically it may slow your internet down a bit, it isn't noticeable as long as you have an average speed cable, DSL or fiber-optic internet connection.

What Internet speed is needed for Ooma?

Ooma requires a minimum of 256 Kbps upstream network speed, however, 384 Kbps is recommended to efficiently use all of Ooma's features including calls and HD quality video conferencing.

Is Ooma good for seniors?

Ooma lets you spend less compared to landline based phone systems, has an intuitive easy to use apps, quickly connects anyone to emergency services and family members in case of an emergency and also protected against utility outages. So yes, Ooma is perfect for elderly people.

Does Ooma Basic include voicemail?

Yes! Ooma Basic offers pretty much all of its higher end packages offer for their residential users. You could check your voicemails, make free U.S. domestic calls, make international low cost calls and much more.

Does Ooma work with multiple phones?

Yes, Ooma does work with multiple phones in your home or office. All you need to do is distribute Ooma Dial Tone to every phone jack.