In a recent turn of events, Rockstar Games, the renowned developer behind the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, has denied the swirling rumors about Joe Rogan's involvement in the highly anticipated GTA 6. Earlier speculations  had suggested that the popular podcast host might make an appearance in the game, but Rockstar Games has set the record straight.

The Rockstar Games spokesperson we got in touch with issued a statement to put an end to the speculation. They stated, 'We can confirm that the rumors regarding Joe Rogan's presence in GTA 6 are false. There is no plan or intention to include Joe Rogan in the game.

The origin of these rumors remains a mystery, leaving many scratching their heads about how they emerged in the first place. The idea of Joe Rogan appearing in the GTA 6 universe seemed intriguing to some, given his immense popularity and diverse content, but it has been unequivocally debunked by Rockstar Games.

Too good to be true?

One possible explanation why Joe Rogan Experience won't be featured in GTA 6 could be linked to Joe Rogan's recent and highly lucrative licensing deal with Spotify. In May 2020, it was reported that Joe Rogan had signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the streaming giant for a staggering $200 million. This deal granted Spotify exclusive rights to his podcast content, raising questions about whether this exclusivity could extend into the gaming world.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits further details about GTA 6, Rockstar Games' statement offers clarity on this particular matter. While Joe Rogan continues to make headlines in the world of podcasting, it appears that fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will have to enjoy the game without the presence of the popular host.

In conclusion, the rumors regarding Joe Rogan's inclusion in GTA 6 have been officially dismissed by Rockstar Games. While the gaming world anxiously anticipates the release of GTA 6, it is crucial to rely on verified information and updates from the developers to separate fact from fiction in this highly anticipated release.