A relatively newcomer to the field of Kubernetes security, ARMO has secured $30 million in investment for its open-source Kubernetes-based proprietary security solution Kubescape, also known as K8s. Thanks to Series A funding from Tiger Global, Hyperwise Ventures, and existing backers Pitango First and Peled Ventures, Kubernetes security will be open and flexible.

ARMO's Kubescape scans your YAML and Helm configuration files for potential exploits and security threats as well as configuration issues. Developers can access the services through a browser-based dashboard or a command line.

The platform also supports a wide variety of industry curated knowledge bases, including those from the National Security Agency. But you're also able to design and develop your own custom frameworks as well.

Founded by Shauli Rozen, Leonid Sandler, and Ben Hirschberg in 2018 in Jerusalem and has grown rapidly since then. With the new financing, ARMO plans to expand globally, hire more engineers to work on Kubescape, and invest in the first open-source community in the field. In addition, the security software company plans to grow its product and marketing team.

Kubescape is being developed as the first open-source Kubernetes security platform that is end-to-end secure. In only a few short years, it has grown to become one of the fastest-growing open-source Kubernetes security solutions. Today it boasts 10s of thousands of users and close to 3000 registered paying customers using its SaaS services.