Introduction to SankeyJourney: Simplify User Journey Analysis with a Free Online Sankey Diagram Maker

SankeyJourney is a powerful and user-friendly online tool that allows you to create Sankey diagrams to analyze user journeys on websites and apps. With this easy-to-use Sankey diagram generator, you can understand your users better and gain actionable insights to optimize retention, monetization, and engagement.

One of the key advantages of SankeyJourney is its simplicity. You can upload your data in just one minute and let the tool transform your CSV file into insightful visualizations. The only information needed is the user ID, event name, and event timestamp. The Sankey diagram maker takes care of the rest, generating comprehensive user flow visualizations.

SankeyJourney offers a range of customizable filters, allowing you to dig deep into your user path analysis. You can filter your data based on events, the number of steps, sessions, user attributes, and more. This flexibility empowers you to extract valuable insights from your data, gaining a deeper understanding of user behavior and optimizing your website or app accordingly.

Sharing your findings is also made easy with SankeyJourney. You can export your diagrams in full HD and present them while reporting on your analysis. Whether you need to provide visual representations of user journeys for internal meetings or client presentations, you can do so with just a few clicks.

While SankeyJourney is a web app, it ensures the safety and security of your data. Your data is processed internally and is only handled by your web browser. SankeyJourney is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data is protected and handled responsibly.

Pricing Details for SankeyJourney

SankeyJourney offers a free trial for users to experience the tool's capabilities firsthand. During the trial, users can fully utilize the Sankey diagram maker and explore its features. To get a detailed pricing plan tailored to your specific needs, you can book a demo with the SankeyJourney team.