This blog post is for you if you’re a video editor and often work with green screen footage. Premiere Pro comes with some great tools to help get rid of the green background screen from your footage in no time at all. This quick tutorial will show how it’s done!

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Green screens are a common problem in video editing. Premiere Pro video editor can help you quickly remove green screen footage with the chroma key effect, which allows you to select your desired color for the background.

The tool we are going to be using to remove the green screen is Ultra Key.

How to use the ultra key in Premiere Pro?

New to editing? Wondering about Chroma Key processing and how it’s done! This is replacing background color in videos, which makes them more appealing. The effect of “chroma keying” in Premiere Pro is called Ultra Key.

Let’s break down the process step by step:

  1. First, you will need to import your green screen footage into Premiere Pro. From the File menu bar at the top of the window, choose the Import option, then select any media files stored on your computer for this process. If there’s more than one video needing editing with the chroma key effect, they should all be imported together as a batch operation rather than selecting them individually, so they’re automatically synced. You could also drag and drop all your green screen clips into the timeline.
  2. Inside the effects panel, you’ll see a sub-menu called video effects. Open the Keying menu, then click on Ultra Key. You could also search for Ultra Key inside your effects panel and drag & drop it to the clip you’re working on for faster access.
  3. To get the green color, use your eyedropper! Click on it and select “Green” from that menu. You may have to try this a few times before you find what works best for capturing just how much detail is in focus with each type of lighting or environment- make sure they are close up though, because anything further away will come out looking washed out when using brightness/saturation tools.
  4. Play with the settings to find out how intense the effect should be. It’ll probably be different for every clip for various reasons, including color tones, lighting, and even other effects applied to the clip.
  5. Sometimes, you might get an unwanted green reflection on your subject when shooting in front of a green screen. This can be fixed by using Spill Suppression so that only the background is tinted with color correction and not the focus point of your clip.