About UMT360

UMT360 is a leading provider of strategic portfolio management solutions and services. Their software is recognized by industry leaders, offering clients powerful capabilities for managing their portfolios strategically. With a mission to deliver the strategic portfolio management capabilities needed for business agility, UMT360 helps organizations achieve their transformation goals.

What UMT360 Offers

UMT360 provides a comprehensive platform called Strategic Portfolio Manager, which offers world-class strategic portfolio management capabilities. This platform allows organizations to execute their strategies effectively, connect business and enterprise architectures, and create and share beautiful roadmaps. Other features include resource management, what-if scenario analysis, demand management, and benefits realization, among others.

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Pricing and Inclusions

For detailed pricing information, it is recommended to contact UMT360 directly as costs can vary depending on individual requirements and the scale of the organization's portfolio management needs.

Their pricing typically includes access to the Strategic Portfolio Manager platform and its various modules, as well as ongoing support and updates. UMT360 also offers consulting services, assessments, and integrations to help organizations optimize their strategic portfolio management practices.

Alternative Companies

While UMT360 is a leader in the strategic portfolio management space, there are other companies that offer similar solutions. Some notable alternatives to consider are Planview, ServiceNow, Broadcom (formerly CA Technologies), and Clarizen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the revenue of UMT360?

As of the current information available, the specific revenue of UMT360 is not disclosed publicly. For the most up-to-date financial details, please refer to the company's financial reports or contact UMT360 directly.

What is UMT software?

UMT software refers to the suite of software solutions developed by UMT360 for strategic portfolio management. These solutions enable organizations to effectively plan, execute, and monitor their portfolios, aligning them with their strategic goals and driving business transformation.

What is the role of a portfolio manager in project management?

A portfolio manager plays a crucial role in project management by overseeing a collection of projects, programs, and other related initiatives within an organization. They strategically select and prioritize projects based on their alignment with the organization's goals, allocate resources, monitor progress, and ensure that the portfolio delivers desired outcomes and business value.

What is Portfolio 360?

Portfolio 360 is a term often used to describe comprehensive portfolio management solutions that provide a holistic view of an organization's project and initiative portfolio. It encompasses strategic planning, resource allocation, risk management, and performance measurement, allowing organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their portfolios for success.