Sequences play a very important role in video editing, but what is a sequence in Premiere Pro?

To make it simple to understand, a sequence is an individual video timeline. They enable video editors to speed up the editing process.

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To create a sequence in Premiere Pro, follow these simple steps:

  1. Right-click the Project Panel, select New Item > Sequence or drag the clip to New Item Menu under the Project Panel.
  2. Choose a preset that matches the original footage.
  3. Start building your sequence.

Importance of Premiere Pro Sequences

Editing Individual Videos in One Project

For instance, if you are a YouTuber with multiple similar videos, you can edit all the videos in one project without creating a new project for each video. Sequences in Premiere Pro enable you to perform these tasks and make your work simpler.

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Make Versions of the Same Video

Use a new sequence for every draft of your video and begin from version 1 of the project. As you make your edits, make a copy of the same sequence and rename it version 2.

This enables you to check the previous sequences and undo any changes.

Break Down a Large Video

If you have a large video clip, use sequences to break down the clip into shorter sections for easier editing. After editing each sequence, you can bring them back together into one large sequence.

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