How would you like a bit of science in your Minecraft biome? The Attack of the B-Team is designed to enhance your Minecraft gameplay with the help of scientific mods like Advanced Genetics which allows you to combine the abilities of different mobs and craft and create your own ships with the help of Archimedes Ships.

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Installing the Attack of the B-Team on your server or local machine, so we have created this guide to help you out in the process.

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What is Attack of The B-team?

Attack of the B-Team is Technic's very first modpack ever launched. It was created back in 2016 and promoted with the help of a couple of big YouTube personalities. The goal of the modpack was to raise donations and give all the money to a children's charity organization. They successfully raised $22.000 and donated the money to Child's Play Charity.    

What Minecraft version is Attack of the B-team?

The latest stable version of Attack of the B-Team, or AOTBT is 1.0.12.d and is a part of the 1.6.4 Technic launcher. It is also the same team behind the famous Hexxit and Tekkit modpacks.

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What Mods are in Attack of the B-team?

The latest 1.0.14 build of the AOTBT modpack currently holds 68 mods and Lumy's Skin Patch. We've already mentioned what Advanced Genetics and Archimedes Ships do in our intro, let's mention a few more of them, for the complete list, check the official mod list.

  • Artifice: Performance improvements on the world generation and cosmetic blocks.
  • Better storage:  Brings brand-new storage options to Minecraft such as backpacks, lockers, armor stands, and much more.
  • Biomes o' Plenty: A Minecraft game with a Biomes o' Plenty and a game without it is like two entirely separate games. It gives you more biomes to explore when you've had enough of the Vanilla biomes. They're more realistic looking too!
  • Chisel: Adds new static blocks to the game, it's great if you like building and constructing more than exploring new biomes.
  • CoFH Core: CoFH Core is an interesting scientific mod. It helps you control the elements such as turning the water into ice or snow. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined water and lava? That's what that mod is for.

How do you make an Attack of The B-team server?

Once you've set up a new server on one of our recommended providers or even your own PC, the next option is to go to the official page of the mod on Technic.

Download the modpack from the "Server Download" button and move files to the "Mods" folder of your server as you see in the picture below.

Alternatively, you could use GameTeam's one click modpack installer. Login to your GameTeam panel. Navigate to the modpacks section in the menu. You could install thousands of modpacks in seconds using this dashboard from launchers such as Curse, Modrinth, Feed The Beast, Technic,  and Voidswrath. Since Attack of the B-Team is a Technic launcher, open that instead and search for Attack in the search bar if you don't immediately see the modpack. Select your version and then click on install. Your server will be ready to play Attack of the B-team in seconds.  

Install Attack of the B-Team on Windows and MAC

AOTBT comes pre-downloaded with the Technic Launcher. So if you haven't already, the first step is to download the launcher.

  1. Head over to Technic Launcher download page  
  2. Scroll down and you'll see 3 green buttons you can choose from. Allowing you to download the launcher for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, respectively.

If you already have the launcher, go to Technic modpack directory to discover all the mods and modpacks you can enjoy with Technic.

How much RAM do I need for Attack of the B-team server?

Attack of The B-Team isn't as resource intensive as other modpacks we have looked at so far, such as ATM6 or ATM7,  so you should be fine with a 2GB RAM server. However, as you'd guess, you might have to add more RAM as the number of people in the game increases.