Project Ozone 3 is a new version of the game that has been released recently. The question is whether or not you should upgrade from Project Ozone 2 to Project Ozone 3.

After years of anticipation, Project Ozone 3 finally came out last month. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Project Ozone 3. From gameplay features to new biomes and mobs, this guide covers every aspect of the game.

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What is Project Ozone 3?

Project Ozone 3 is a Minecraft modpack for Minecraft. It adds many new features, such as new biomes, mobs, items, weapons, armor, and much more.

The pack includes over 400 mods and is compatible with all versions of Minecraft.

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Is Project Ozone 3 supposed to be Skyblock?

No, it’s not. Project Ozone 3 was created by the same team who made SkyBlock. However, there are some similarities between the two games. For example, both have similar themes and mechanics. But they are different in other ways too.

For instance, SkyBlock uses blocks, while Project Ozone 3 uses ores. Also, SkyBlock is a survival game, while Project Ozone 3 is more for people who want to build things.

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Project Ozone 3 Server Hosting

If you want to host your own server on Project Ozone 3, you're going to need a properly strong and fast server that can handle this heavy modpack. We recommend either GameTeam, BisectHosting, or ApexHosting. All three offer one-click mod installers for Project Ozone 3.

How to set up a Project Ozone 3 server?

Pick one of the service providers and navigate to the modpacks section. Select Curse launcher from the menu if you are viewing another launcher's modpack list. Then search for "Project Ozone" in the search bar. There are multiple modpacks, such as the Original Project Ozone, Project Ozone 2, Project Ozone 3, or even a Project Ozone Lite.

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Select the version if you've decided on which Project Ozone you want to play, and then click on install. After the installation is complete, restart your server just in case and everything should be ready to play.

How much RAM do I need for Project Ozone 3?

You can run Project Ozone 3 on any computer with at least 6 GB of RAM. You don’t need anything special to play Project Ozone 3. Just download the modpack and start playing! For installing it on the server, however, you should get at least 8GB of RAM. Otherwise, you may experience errors during installation, frequent crashes, and lag during gameplay. Remember, it is a big modpack!

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How do I get Project Ozone 3 on PC?

You could get Project Ozone 3 on your computer in 2 ways. With or without a launcher.

With Curse Launcher

Installing modpacks with a launcher is so much easier since you don't have to deal with version management and potentially thousands of files. To get Project Ozone 3 with the Curse launcher, go to CurseForge and download the correct one for your operating system.

Next, install the software. Once it's complete, you'll see that Curse Launcher helps you manage mods and modpacks for a variety of games, including Minecraft. Go to the Browse Modpacks section and search for Project Ozone 3 in the search bar. Click on Install and let the launcher download and unpack hundreds of mods for you. Once it's finished, you can see the modpack in the "My Modpacks" menu and start playing right away.

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Without Curse Launcher

Although we do not recommend it, you can still install and play Project Ozone 3 without the Curse Launcher. To do that, go to modpack's official page on CurseForge, navigate to the files menu and download the modpack files. When they're installed, drag and drop them into the modpacks folder of your Minecraft installation. Make sure to take a backup of your worlds, as things might break due to version incompatibilities.

Project Ozone 3 Modlist

As of writing this tutorial, Project Ozone 3 has over 400 mods and currently 1129 quests ranging from technology and science to building things. We'll not go much into detail here, but explain some of them here. You can find the full mod list on the official CurseForge page.

AgriCraft: This mod adds farming to Minecraft. It allows players to grow crops like wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, carrots, melons, pumpkins, and many others. It also lets you harvest these crops and trade them for other things. It has over 25 million downloads.

Botania: This mod is like a game of its own, and you can actually play it as a standalone mod. It uses magical manas to create magical flowers and devices. It's quite popular among many modpacks as it's used for automating things and has close to 100 million downloads.

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Waystones: Waystones are small blocks that allow you to travel between different biomes. They come in various colors and sizes, and each color represents a biome. There are over 70 million downloads for this mod.

Reliquary Reincarnations: These are some hard-to-get items in the game, but they'll make your life much easier as you progress through the game.

Project Ozone Lite vs Project Ozone 3: A new way forward

If you want to try out Project Ozone 3, you should know that there is now an option called Project Ozone Lite. The difference between the two is that Project Ozone Lite does not include all the features and mods of Project Ozone 3. As a result, you get a lighter game that requires less RAM and system requirements. You should definitely try it out if you're looking for something more lightweight.


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