DarkRPG ModPack is a mod pack for Minecraft that adds new features, such as brand-new magical abilities, dark textures, and more. If you're looking to do magic-related quests in a world filled with strange and scary mobs, DarkRPG Minecraft modpack could be for you.

In this tutorial, we'll talk about some of DarkRPG's features, discover its biomes and talk about how to download, install on a server and play with your friends! So, let's get started.

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How to play DarkRPG?


As soon as you load the modpack, you'll be asked to choose an origin among many. You could be a regular human, a vampire, enderian, shulk, feline, piglin, elytrian, blazeborn, inchling, or phantom, or let the game randomly assign an origin for your character. Your origin directly influences where you spawn in the game. So be careful; choosing origins like piglin or blazeborn may result in spawning in the nether.


Next, you choose your class. These classes help you specialize in ability and some of these are:

Nitwit: Nitwits aren't really good at anything. You think of this class as a basic villager with no job.

Harvest: If your character specializes in farming, you should select harvest. You'll be able to grow a lot more crops at a faster rate than other builds. There's also a small chance you'll receive twice the yield. You also get perks like bone meals are twice as effective when you use them on plants and crops.

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Rancher: If you want to specialize in animals, go with the rancher. It helps you make the most out of your animals and gather twice as many resources. Some of the perks of ranching include twin births and scavenging bonuses. There are chance animals you breed will have two babies. You may also get twice the drop when you are scavenging and gathering resources.

Miner: The miner class is great if you want to specialize in mining. This build gives you access to all the tools needed to mine efficiently. With this build, you'll be able to mine at a faster rate than another class with the same tools. Also, breaking materials, metals, and stones does not cause you to get exhausted.

Lumberjack: The lumberjack class is ideal for those who want to grow trees and specialize in gathering. You can cut down trees at a much faster rate and all at once. You also get twice as many wooden planks from a single tree.

Cook: The cook class is perfect for those who want to specialize in cooking food. You'll be able to make potions, brews, and even create a potion farm. What's great about this class is that the food that you cook yourself will be twice as saturated, and you'll receive more experience from cooking food with a smoker.

Blacksmith: The blacksmith class is great for those who want to specialize in crafting weapons and armor. You'll be able to craft better quality items, and they won't break after being used. You'll also be able to craft better armor and weapons and get a small buff every time they're used.

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Alchemist: The alchemist class is great for those wanting to specialize in creating potions. You'll be able to create potions that heal you and others around you.

Cleric: If you want to specialize in magic and channel the magic present in the world, then go with the cleric. You'll be able to cast spells and enchantments. You'll also be given a bonus to your spell-casting speed. With this build, you can also double a potion's duration, which will come in handy during mob raids and fights.

Engineer: The engineering class specializes in building things. They can construct bridges, walls, doors, and traps. They can also repair broken objects.

Merchant: The merchant class is great for those looking to specialize in trading. You'll be able to sell goods and buy back what you need. If you specialize as a merchant, the villagers you trade with never run out of the resources you need the most. You also get them at a much cheaper price than you would otherwise.

Explorer: The explorer class is great for those seeking adventure. They can explore dungeons, caves, ruins, and other places. They can find rare items and treasures. You even start your world with a compass, a clock, and nine empty maps.

Warrior: The warrior class is great for those specializing in combat. They can use swords, axes, maces, hammers, and bows much more effectively. Basically, you're able to use each weapon to its fullest potential while dealing a bit more damage. When wielding a shield, you get less damage than you would otherwise.

Archer: One shot, one kill... Well, at least mostly. When you are an archer, all your projectiles have increased accuracy, and they deal higher damage. You also get to move quicker when yielding a bow.

Rogue: Usually known to be thieves and robbers, rogue classes are proficient in ambushes and stealth attacks. You can sneak past your enemies, and your nameplate is never visible through walls, even when you're sneaking, so you don't give away your position to others around you.

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Beastmaster: The beast master class is great for those interested in taming animals. You'll be able tame wild beasts and ride them into battle. You'll also be granted a special ability called "Animal Companion," where you can summon a companion animal to fight alongside you.

These are all the classes in Minecraft DarkRPG modpack. Pick your side, and start the game!

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How to install DarkRPG on server?

Installing DarkRPG on a server is easy these days thanks to the one-click installers most server providers offer. In this section, we'll walk you through how to do it.

1. Login to your GameTeam account and create a new server.

2. Head over to the Modpacks section. Here you can install hundreds of Minecraft modpacks from different launchers. Choose the launcher that contains the modpack you want to play. Since DarkRPG is available on CurseForge. choose the Curse Launcher icon

3. Search for DarkRPG using the search bar and select your version. The latest stable version of the modpack just came out today for Minecraft version 1.19.2. Install your preferred version.

4. Once finished, restart your server, and your server will be running DarkRPG.

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