Overview of ITM Platform

ITM Platform is a project, program, and portfolio management software that aims to seamlessly connect planning with operations. It is designed to help businesses effectively manage their projects, set goals, assess results, and align strategy with execution. With ITM Platform, organizations can manage their entire portfolio in a fully-featured solution, structure projects within business programs, and easily match demand and allocation of project resources. The software offers both waterfall and agile project management options, allowing users to work in predictive mode using Gantt charts or in agile mode with Kanban boards.


ITM Platform offers a 14-day free trial for users to explore its features and functionalities. After the trial period, the software offers different pricing plans tailored to meet the needs and requirements of various businesses. The exact pricing details can be obtained by contacting ITM Platform directly. However, the pricing typically includes access to all the features and capabilities of the software, customer support, and regular updates to ensure optimal performance.

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Alternative Companies

While ITM Platform is a reliable and efficient project management software, there are also alternative companies that offer similar solutions. Some popular alternatives to consider include:

  2. Wrike
  3. Asana
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FAQs about ITM Platform

What is ITM in project management?

ITM stands for "Innovation and Technology Management" in the context of project management. ITM Platform provides a technological component to project management practices, offering functionalities to facilitate collaboration, visibility, and automation of project-related work.