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About Kanbanize

Kanbanize is an outcome-driven enterprise agility platform that helps businesses streamline their project management and workflow processes. Designed for teams of any size, Kanbanize offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to improve collaboration, visual tracking, and reporting.

With Kanbanize, you can implement the Kanban methodology, a visual project management framework, to enhance your team's efficiency and effectiveness. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to manage tasks, monitor progress, and align your strategy with day-to-day execution.

The platform offers various products and services to meet different business needs. Let's take a closer look at some of the key offerings:

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Businessmap PPM SERVICES (PPMOps)

Kanbanize's Businessmap PPM SERVICES (PPMOps) provides an in-depth assessment of your company's management practices, helping you evaluate your current processes and identify areas for improvement. With this service, you'll receive a personalized roadmap tailored to your specific business goals, enabling you to achieve outcomes more efficiently.

Additionally, Kanbanize offers a two-day course and a six-month program called PPMOps, which focus on developing your organization's skills to adapt to changes, scale outcomes, and foster a culture of collaboration across teams.

Businessmap Software Platform

Kanbanize's software platform offers a wide range of features to enhance your project management and workflow processes:

- OKRs: Implement Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to align your strategy with day-to-day execution.

- Workspace management: Distribute and track work across your entire organization.

- Management Dashboards: Monitor business objectives, understand risks, and track important performance metrics.

- Workflow management: Keep your teams' work in one place with multi-layered Kanban boards.

- Kanban boards: Keep track of tasks and get accurate status reports in real-time.

- Interlinked boards: Create a network of interlinked Kanban boards on a team and management level.

- Timelines: Visualize past, current, and future initiatives or projects.

- Dashboards & reporting: Display critical business metrics and gather reports in one place.

- Dependency management: Visualize and track cross-team dependencies via card links.

- Kanban card functions: Customize work items and enhance communication as needed.

- Project forecasting: Create probabilistic plans for future project delivery.

- Business Rules: Automate your process to trigger actions when certain events occur.

- Workflow Analytics: Analyze your workflow's performance through a variety of Lean/Agile charts.

- Limiting work in progress: Reduce multitasking, alleviate bottlenecks, and maintain a steady flow of work.

- Integrations: Integrate with external systems to maximize the benefits of your Kanban software.

- Email integration: Create and update cards via email and reply to emails by adding comments.

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Pricing Information

Kanbanize offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes. The exact cost per month depends on the specific features and services you require.

For detailed pricing information, it is recommended to visit Kanbanize's official website or contact their sales team directly.

Alternative Companies

If you're looking for alternative companies that offer similar services to Kanbanize, you might consider the following:

- Trello - Asana - - Jira - Wrike - LeanKit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kanbanize used for?

Kanbanize is used to streamline project management and workflow processes. It helps teams collaborate efficiently, visualize work progress, and align strategies with day-to-day execution using the Kanban methodology.

What are the 6 rules of Kanban?

The six rules of Kanban are as follows:

1. Visualize workflow 2. Limit work in progress 3. Manage flow 4. Make process policies explicit 5. Improve collaboratively 6. Use feedback loops

What is the Kanban methodology?

Kanban is a visual project management framework that originated in manufacturing but has been widely adopted in other industries. It focuses on visualizing work, limiting work in progress, and improving workflow efficiency. It helps teams optimize their processes and deliver higher-quality output.

What are the 4 principles of Kanban?

The four principles of Kanban are:

1. Start with what you do now 2. Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change 3. Respect the current process, roles, and responsibilities 4. Encourage acts of leadership at all levels